Watson, Missouri

The pictures from this field show the benefits of better infiltration where PRO CAL 40 has been applied.

This field received about .5 inches of rain. Water is draining out to the field in the untreated part of the field. Where the PRO CAL 40 was applied there was no water draining from the lower areas. There was no water standing on that part of the field. This soil is a heavy clay soil (CEC = 22) with a magnesium level around 25%.

Initial Issue

  • Heavy Clay Soil
  • Drainage

Product(s) Used


Watson, Missiour Crop Responses

Missouri River bottom field area that was untreated. Water is standing in field after .50 inches of rain.

Watson Missouri Crop Results

Water standing in untreated area of this field in Missouri River valley.

Watson, Missouri Crop Results

Area of field in Missouri River Valley where 1.5 T/A of PRO CAL 40 was applied. There is no water standing after 1/2 inch of rain.

Watson, Missouri Crop Responses

Another picture of low area of field where PRO CAL 40 was applied. There is no water standing in this area.