Talmage, Nebraska

These pictures are from a field near Talmage, Nebraska.

The untreated corn was shorter and showed potassium deficiencies. The corn that was treated was taller and showed no nutrient deficiency symptoms.

PRO CAL 40 will increase nutrient availability of the nutrients already present in the soil. There is not potassium found in PRO CAL 40. Availability is enhanced by improving soil structure, increasing air/water exchange, improving root growth, etc.

Initial Issue

  • Potassium Deficiencies

Product(s) Used


Talmage, Nebraska Crop Results

Corn plants from the untreated are showing potassium deficiency.

Talmage, Nebraska Crop Responses

Corn plants from area of field that was treated with PRO CAL 40. There is no potassium deficiency symptoms. These plants were from the row next to the previous picture.

Talmage, Nebraska Crop Results

Potassium deficiency on lower leaves of untreated corn.

Talmage, Nebraska Crop Results

Taller corn in background was treated with PRO CAL 40. Corn in front was untreated.