Elk Creek, Nebraska

This field received 1 ton/acre of PRO CAL 40 in the treated area. The soybeans were noticeably taller and the stand was much better in the treated area.

You can also notice in the field picture that the treated strip of soybeans are darker green. Soil conditions were greatly improved with the use of PRO CAL 40.

This soil has magnesium levels greater than 25% and sodium levels greater than 150 ppm.

Initial Issue

  • High magnesium and sodium levels

Product(s) Used


Elk Creek Nebraska Crop Results

Untreated Alkali soil with poor soil structure. Notice the layers or plates.

Elk Creek, Nebraska Crop Responses

Treated Soil. Notice the more granular structure (no layering).

Elk Creek, Nebraska Crop Results

Soybeans in background were treated with PRO CAL 40. Those in the foreground were not treated.