Decatur, Nebraska

These fields near Decatur, Nebraska exhibited areas of yellow and stunted alfalfa prior to spreading PRO CAL 40. The pictures show the fields before and after application which was applied in October of 2009.

Responses are due to better soil conditions, better nitrogen fixation, improved root growth and calcium and sulfur nutrition. Yield responses are typically 1 ton per acre per year with responses usually lasting for three years. Alfalfa is very responsive and rates of application are usually 1 ton/acre.

Product(s) Used

PRO Cal 40

Decatur, Nebraska Crop Response

Area of field showing yellowing and stunted alfalfa before the application of PRO CAL 40

Decatur Nebraska Crop Results

Another area of field where alfalfa is showing yellowing and is stunted.

Decatur Nebraska Crop Responses

Alfalfa showing yellowing before the application of PRO CAL 40 in the field near Decatur, NE.

Decatur, Nebraska Crop Result

Same field after application of PRO CAL 40. Notice trees in the background are the same as the previous picture. Alfalfa no longer is yellow and stunted. PRO CAL was applied the previous fall in October.

Decatur Nebraska Crop Responses

Another hillside after the application of PRO CAL 40. Alfalfa is much healthier and dark green. Notice the trees in the background are the same as in the third picture. Angle of picture is slightly different. There was a good moisture condition in the fall as well as in the spring.