Arlington, Nebraska

This alfalfa field was stunted and yellow in areas of high pH soils. There were lime deposits in these areas and are high fixing soils. Plant analysis showed very low phosphorus levels and plant symptoms were that of phosphorus deficiency.

After the first cutting we applied 5 tons/acre of NutraBio (Biomass). This is equivalent to about 150 lbs of phosphorus and 350 lbs of sulfate sulfur in the form of gypsum. The field received over 10 inches of rain in the next three weeks. The alfalfa responded very well. Part of the field was also treated with elemental sulfur. Where the NutraBio was applied the alfalfa showed a significant response during the second cutting. The sulfur and biomass together also showed a nice response, but the elemental sulfur alone gave no response.

Initial Issue

  • Areas of high pH soil
  • Lime Deposit
  • Phosphorus Deficiency

Product(s) Used


Alington Nebraska Crop Results

Area of alfalfa that was stunted and yellow prior to the NutraBio application.


Close up of alfalfa the summer before the application of NutraBio. Notice the alfalfa is stunted and yellow and a rather thin stand.

arlingtonnebraska3Another area showing the stunted alfalfa before the application of NutraBio.

arlingtonnebraska4This is the same area as the first picture, but after the application of NutraBio. The alfalfa is much darker green and is no longer stunted.

Alington, Nebraska Crop Results

This picture shows an area where Nutra Bio and Sulfur were applied together. It also looks very good with very little stunted alfalfa.

Arlington, Nebraska Crop Results

This area of the field had NutraBio applied. You can see that the alfalfa appears nearly normal with only slightly shorter alfalfa plants. This was also about 4 weeks after the application of NutraBio.

Arlington, Nebraska Crop Results

This picture shows an area that received elemental sulfur only. There is very little difference from what the alfalfa looked like the previous summer. It continues to be yellow and stunted.