WakeUp is a non-ionic surfactant and is produced from all natural occurring
products. Its mode of activity is thought to increase mobility of nutrients, especially immobile nutrients like calcium, in the plant and at the root hairs. It also enhances sugar production within the plant especially under stressful conditions.

WakeUP is not a fertilizer or pesticide. Field experience shows it’s an adjuvant which enhances the absorption and activity of most foliar-applied, systemic nutrients, biostimulants and crop protection products.

Tissue tests have proven WakeUp increases translocation of water and nutrients through the plant; enhanced translocation of nutrients from leaves to roots speeds root growth by triggering more sugars and exudates from the roots. Soil organisms respond to this energy flow by converting more soil nutrients to plant available forms. This enhanced root growth helps plants withstand dry periods.

WakeUp also reduces surface tension of water and sugar solutions making it easier to pump plant sap through the phloem and xylem.

WakeUp with your row placed starter should be applied at 3 ounces per acre. WakeUp with sprays should be applied at 1 oz per 2 gallons of water (ie. 5 oz when using 10 gallons of water per acre.)

WakeUp is sold in 2.5 gallon containers.