Soygreen is a dry water soluble powder 6% Iron ORTHO ORTHO EDDHA Chelate. Soygreen is manufactured using a superior chelating process compared to processes currently used by the fertilizer industry. Soygreen can be used on soybeans, sugarbeets or any other crop exhibiting iron chlorosis.
Soygreen is recommended as an in-furrow soil application or as a postemergence foliar applied application. In-furrow applications at 3 lbs/acre have proven to be the most effective applications to alleviate or correct iron deficiency chlorosis.
Mix 3 lbs. of dry product in a minimum of six gallons of water or a ratio of 1 lb: 2 gallons of water minimum. Agitation is recommended to alleviate mixing issues. Do not make a slurry of product before mixing into water!!
Post emergence foliar applications should be applied prior to or immediately after deficiency symptoms occur for best results. Sprayer volumes of 10-20 gallons per acre by ground or 5 gallons per acre by air are recommended for best results.