Soil Drainage

Soil Solutions, LLC added a Soil Drainage Division in 2013. We now offer surface drainage improvements and subsurface drainage improvements to agricultural producers in Western Iowa, Eastern Nebraska, and Southeastern South Dakota.

Surface Drainage

Improving surface drainage is critical in most soils to allow removal of excess water as quickly as possible without causing severe erosion. This requires precise removal and deposition of soil across the landscape. Many implements used to improve surface drainage causes uneven surfaces, compaction, and require greater time.

With the use of the Wolverine Ditcher, we can make ditches in half the time of using a scraper or dozer, and eliminates the need for leveling dirt piles. This means less fuel and labor costs and less compaction. It works in all soil types and allows field equipment to pass through the ditches immediately afterwards.

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Subsurface Drainage

Improving subsurface drainage can increase yields in most crops more than any other management practice.

With our Irri-drain system, we can not only install tiles for drainage, but also use these same tiles for subsurface irrigation. This means you are benefiting from improved aeration early in the season for improved root growth and nutrient availability, but also have the ability to add water back to the crop later in the season in a very efficient manner. Fertilizer and/or effluent can also be applied through the system.

With the AGREM water management services, we are not only able to provide drainage and subsurface irrigation on level ground, but also on sloping fields.

Past experience with this system has shown that yields can be doubled with the irri-drain system in some fields. We can use cost analysis to show you approximate costs and returns of applying drainage tiles to your fields. We will meet with you and discuss your particular needs before any design work is performed. All tile installation is precisely laid out using GPS and precise depth control.

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Subsurface Drainage

If you are interested in improving drainage in your fields give us a call at 712-433-0000.