N Zone Max

NZone MAX is a nitrogen management aid that helps control the loss of nitrogen from volatilization, denitrification and leaching.

NZone MAX is a liquid that can be used with urea, UAN solutions or liquid manures. Rates to use with urea is 2-3 qts. per ton of urea. With liquid UAN solutions use 1 1/2 qts. per ton. Use 18-24 oz per acre with liquid manure.

NZone MAX is labeled for all crops, has no planting restrictions, has no detrimental effects on soils and is non-corrosive.

(The NZone comes in a GL formulation for use with anhydrous ammonia. This formulation is easy to handle and is not corrosive.)

NZone MAX is sold in 2 1/2 gallon containers.

For more information on NZone MAX and yield results visit Ag Xplore website