We have many clients call or email us and express their satisfaction with our products. Below are some of the unsolicited comments we have gotten from clients. Most farmers do not like to endorse a product so we do not identify them other than by town and state.

“I have applied your gypsum product to my fields over the past seven years. I used to have to deep rip these fields to improve the aeration and reduce compaction. Now the soils are soft and I am no longer planning to rip them. This is going to be a cost savings in addition to all the other benefits.”

Onawa, IowaFarmer

“Last winter I had you apply 3 tons per acre on some very high magnesium ground where I live. This spring it was like a completely different farm. It was a little wet when we planted but not bad. The mulch finisher worked it up like a garden and I’ve never had this farm work up so nice in the spring before. The other half of the field where we didn’t apply the product was the same old same old. The stuff works. It handled water well when we had water standing on it. Good stand of corn and we’ll see in the fall how it impacts yield”

Salix, IowaFarmer

“I have used pelletized gypsum in the past on my alkali areas. I saw some benefit, but was never able to put enough on to really change the soil. This year I used PRO CAL 40 at 3 ton/acre. Now I can say that we are changing things. I know now that I was just never getting enough on before. Most farmers don’t apply a high enough rate and then say it doesn’t work. That is like putting 10 lbs. of nitrogen on corn and then saying that nitrogen doesn’t pay. I will be doing some of my ground each year from now on”

Clarks, NebraskaFarmer

“We put PRO CAL 40 on after we “in line” ripped our fields. Where we ripped the first year we saw soybean yields improve about 3 bushels per acre. Where we put the gypsum plus in line ripped our yields increased over 6 bushels per acre. The following year our corn yields were about 25 bushels better where we had applied the PRO CAL 40″

Woonsocket, South DakotaFarmer

“I first put PRO CAL 40 (1 ton/acre) on my new stands of alfalfa. I weighed the alfalfa over the scale and I had a 1 ton/acre increase in yield where I applied the PRO CAL 40. This year I decided to do some of my older stands. One field was my poorest yielding field (alfalfa was six years old). This year after I applied PRO CAL 40 it was my second best yielding field and I think I am going to keep it for another year. I now know it works on both new and old stands alike”

Arlington, NebraskaFarmer

“This is the first “snake oil” (jokingly) that I have found that really works. I first used it on my toughest soils and saw much improved yields. I thought I would then try it on some of my better soils and saw yields improve on them as well”

Waverly, NebraskaFarmer

“I applied 1000 pounds per acre to my grass pastures this year. I can honestly say that this was all I have done different. I graze my dairy cows on this grass. My dairy cow performance has vastly improved. My spring production was about 15#/day higher than in the past and production stayed higher longer into the summer. This summer I am still getting about 20#/day more than I have ever in the past. I have to truck this PRO CAL 40 a long ways, but I will definitely be using more this year”

Mt. Vernon, MissouriFarmer

“Some of my neighbors want to just apply PRO CAL to the alkali spots. I have found that I want to apply it to the whole field. The alkali area will benefit, but you also see yield benefits in the areas between the alkali spots”

Waverly, NebraskaFarmer

“We track our dairy production on a daily basis. When we fed alfalfa that was treated with PRO CAL 40 our production increased. When we went to other alfalfa sources that weren’t treated with PRO CAL 40 production dropped off. We definitely prefer alfalfa that has PRO CAL 40 on it”

Holstein, IowaFarmer

“I used PRO CAL 40 on my river bottom ground this last fall. This is a Luton soil (heavy gumbo). This spring we had some 3 inch rains and where I applied PRO CAL 40 the water was gone in hours. The other ground had water standing on it for days”

Onawa, Iowa farmerFarmer

“I had you apply PRO CAL 40 to my ground last winter at 1 ton/acre. We had a 3 inch rain and the only place the water stood was in the check area. The water stood in that area for days. When we went to harvest the corn the check area yielded over 50 bushels less than the treated area. Every farmer in this area should be using this product”

Brock, NebraskaFarmer

“Two years ago when you applied PRO CAL 40 to my field at 1.5 tons per acre I left a check strip. The yield monitor found the check strip. The PRO CAL 40 treated area yielded 30 bushels/acre more corn. I will keep doing more fields each year”

Talmage, NebraskaFarmer

“You have a great product in PRO CAL 40. I didn’t see much the first year I think because it was too dry, but after this year I am now a believer”

Guthrie Center, IowaFarmer

“This fall my crop consultant zone sampled two of the fields where you applied the 2 tons of PRO CAL 40 last year. In both fields the half of the field where the PRO CAL 40 was applied the majority of the soil samples show test levels of phosphorus that are significantly higher. If it was just one sample, I would have discounted it as sampling error or field variability, but since there are numerous samples and it is consistent in both fields I feel there is some validity. Also, the magenesium levels are lower and the calcium and sulfur levels are all higher where the PRO CAL was applied. With fertilizer prices where they are this is big”

Fremont, NebraskaFarmer

“In the past my hillsides always turned yellow in August. This year after using PRO CAL 40 (1 ton/acre) on these hillsides only my neighbors hillsides are yellow. My fields are staying green”

Highland, KansasFarmer

“I don’t understand how it works, but it does. When I do tillage on my ground I can tell to the line where I have applied the PRO CAL 40. The ground has better tilth and it takes less horsepower where I apply the PRO CAL 40. My yields have also reflected this change. I will continue to use this product”

Bern, KansasFarmer

“That PRO CAL 40 really wakes up my alfalfa. I was thinking about destroying my alfalfa before I applied PRO CAL 40. I don’t know how the stand improved so much. The yield was greatly improved as well”

Rogers, NebraskaFarmer

“I have had you apply PRO CAL 40 twice. The first application was at 2 ton/acre and then three years later you applied 1 ton/acre. The % Mg has dropped from above 23% down to 14% since I have applied PRO CAL. Sodium levels have also dropped and are now around 2% and less than 100ppm. There has been a big difference in soil conditions in this field and plant stands are much better. I no longer have problems with hair pinning in these soils and eroded clay spots are now raising good yields whereas before there was very little growing in these areas. Most importantly this is the first year that this field has averaged over 200 bushels/acre. There are many fields in this area that should have PRO CAL 40 applied to them. Thanks for a great product”

Wilber, NebraskaFarmer

“Where we applied PRO CAL 40 in the past our soils just don’t have the “stickiness”. When we till them it requires less horsepower. What we noticed this year (2008) was under marginal conditions (slightly too wet) we were still able to plant with no problems where we had the PRO CAL 40. Where we didn’t have PRO CAL 40 we couldn’t plant…..too sticky. This allowed us to plant fields that otherwise we probably wouldn’t have gotten planted. We are doing more fields this year”

Rockport, MissouriFarmer

“The field we applied PRO CAL 40 to this last year raised the best crop we have ever raised on it. We didn’t have water standing in the wet spots like we normally do and this year (2008) was a wet year. It really impressed us. I think this next year we are going to do more acres and try some lime/PRO CAL 40 combinations”

Crete, NebraskaFarmer

“The PRO CAL 40 we applied three years ago to our alkali areas has really made a difference. We have raised crops in these areas where we were never able to in the past. We want to re-apply to this field again this year (2009) to see if we can make it even better”

Cook, NebraskaFarmer

“Where we applied PRO CAL 40 to our field at 1 1/2 ton/ acre we have never raised corn like that before. What I first noticed was that when we hilled up the corn the ground did not “slab up” like it always has in the past. We were able to go much faster and it didn’t take near as long to “hill” it. It worked like a dream. Now I want to try it on some of our other fields”

Scribner, NebraskaFarmer

“We have applied PRO CAL 40 to several of our pivots that pump salt water. It is amazing how quickly it changes the tilth of our soils and how much better these pivots will produce both corn and soybeans. It is very economical. There are a lot of wells in this area that pump salt and these fields should all have PRO CAL 40 applied to them to improve their production”

Wilber, NebraskaFarmer

“We have applied PRO CAL 40 and NutraBio on our alfalfa over the last couple of years. The products have made our older alfalfa stands come to life and are much more productive than they were previously. The yellow hillsides are no longer visible. We have noticed that the leaves are larger where we have applied the PRO CAL 40. We have tried it on a number of fields and several soil types and it seems to benefit all of our aflalfa where we have applied it”

Lyons, NebraskaFarmer

“I applied 1 ton per acre of PRO CAL 40 last year. Before the application my irrigation water would run out of the end of the rows of corn very soon after I started irrigating. Since I applied the PRO CAL 40 the ground is much more permeable and I don’t have nearly as much water leave my fields. That is money in the bank! My yields also reflect this increased water use”

Waverly, NebraskaFarmer

“I applied PRO CAL 40 to my fields four years ago. Today the alkali areas are producing nearly as well as the other soils. They have improved nearly 100 bushels/acre. This is one of the best products that I have ever used. I plan to put another application on and see if I can get them to yield equal to the rest of the field. I have also applied it to some of my better soils and I see increasing yields in those soils too”

Seward, NebraskaFarmer

“I applied Pro Cal 40 three years ago. This year I could see exactly where I had not applied the product. Water would stand where we didn’t have PRO CAL 40 and where we did the water was gone……to the line where we spread it. My soybeans yielded 12 bushels/acre more this year in this field where we had the PRO CAL 40 vs where it wasn’t applied”

Talmage, NebraskaFarmer

“I have applied PRO CAL 40 to areas of my fields where I just couldn’t get over 100 bushels per acre of corn due to poor soil conditions. This year (2009) my corn in these bad areas went over 200 bushels/acre. I believe in this product!!”

Mead, NebraskaFarmer

“My soybeans looked good since they emerged, but I was just waiting till it got dry. I knew then that the bad (alkali) spots would show up. I kept waiting and waiting, but the beans still looked good even under dry conditions. I couldn’t believe the response. My corn looks really good also. I wish I would have done this years ago”

Tobias, NebraskaFarmer

“I put the PRO CAL 40 on my existing alfalfa stand. The alkali areas have really responded and they appear thicker than they were before. All my alfalfa is better where I applied the PRO CAL 40. I want to do more acres next year”

Ohiowa, NebraskaFarmer

“I first applied PRO CAL 40 to the half of the field that wouldn’t yield as well. The first year the soybeans were much better in that half than previous years, but I thought it may have just been the year. This year (2011) my corn yields were actually better on the previously poorer half than the previously better half. I also did not have any dead spots in my corn field from the heat like my neighbor’s fields did. I am now a believer in your product”

Bern, KansasFarmer

“This spring I was able to plant my fields that had PRO CAL 40 applied sooner than the fields that didn’t have PRO CAL 40. The ground just was in better condition and was not sticky. This year that has meant that I have got some ground planted before rains that I wouldn’t have otherwise had planted. It means not being delayed by two or three weeks. This can mean big yield differences. I also noticed last fall that where I applied the PRO CAL 40 the fields I disked were in much better condition. Previously in these fields my disk just plugged up.”

Blencoe, IowaFarmer

“My son and I planted soybeans on two different adjoining fields on the same day using the same variety. Past history has shown that these two fields yield nearly the same. My field where we applied the PRO CAL 40 yielded 8 bushels/acre better than my son’s field that hadn’t had the PRO CAL 40 applied. We will be doing more fields this next year.”

Onawa, IowaFarmer