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Weatherproof Your Soils

This spring was another challenge for many producers due to the frequent rains and wet fields.  Yet again we had customers tell us that they could distinguish the fields where they had applied PRO CAL 40 gypsum.  The soils in these fields were less sticky and seemed to be more dry allowing them to plant […]

Why are Diseases Becoming More Common?

For diseases to develop in a crop you need three things.  First you need the disease vector or pathogen present. Second, you need a susceptible host and third, you need the right environmental conditions.  Understanding these three things possibly helps explain why diseases may becoming more commonplace in crop production. Disease pathogens are found in […]

Suppression of White Mold Where Gypsum Is Applied

This past year White Mold was very prevalent in soybean fields across our area.  Many producers are looking for management practices that will decrease the risk of having problems again this coming year. With any disease you must have the disease present, a host plant, and the right environment for the disease to survive.  Since […]

Why Gypsum Works in Your Soil: Part 6 Other Factors

There have been nearly 50 different benefits listed for gypsum. It almost gives you the opinion that it does everything, though we know it doesn’t.  But when I hear someone say there is no benefit to using gypsum in their soils, I have to question if they understand the value of gypsum.  Previous blogs have […]

Why Gypsum Works in Your Soil: Part 3 Gypsum Improves Alkali soils

Gypsum has been used for centuries to reclaim sodium affected soils (alkali soils).  It is effective since it has good solubility regardless of soil pH.  In fact, its solubility is enhanced in sodic soils.  Some data would suggest that the solubility of gypsum in alkali soils is four times greater.  Once the gypsum dissociates into […]

Why Gypsum Works in Your Soil: Part 1 Reduces Surface Sealing

There are many reasons why we see responses from gypsum in agricultural soils.  This blog is the first of six discussing the benefits of gypsum. Gypsum gives responses in most soils by supplying a good source of electrolytes which rain water can react with.  Without electrolytes present, rain water will cause greater soil dispersion and […]