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Can I Afford To Buy Farmland?

Farmland values have benefited from the near record low interest rates over the past 10 years by decreasing the cost of money for investors.  During that same time commodity prices (particularly corn and soybeans) have also benefitted from the weak dollar because it has made our commodities a better value for foreign countries.  Commodity prices […]

What About Calcium and Magnesium Ratios?

Each year we get many questions about calcium/magnesium ratios on soil tests.  What is the ideal ratio?  How high is too high for magnesium?  What can I do if I have a very high magnesium level?  Etc. You also may read articles that will say that magnesium levels don’t matter unless you are on sandy […]

Soil Test Before You Make Fertility Decisions

Many farmers are feeling “the pinch” with current commodity prices.  One of the best ways to be certain that you are spending your $$ in the best place for the greatest return is to take a soil test.  If you have soil tests from any time during the past three years, especially if they were […]

The Gypsum Antidote

The Gypsum Antidote   A recent article in the Farm Journal’s Ag Professional Magazine titled “The Gypsum Antidote” outlines the benefits of gypsum applications in combination with manure applications. (Note that the picture of the applicator is Soil Solutions’ floater.)  Below is the link to this article. http://www.agprofessional.com/news/industry/gypsum-antidote?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTlRsbVpURXhaRFF4WWpaayIsInQiOiJLenV2RDdqNUFWRTdXdVwvdUJYU0Y0TzU4NUVTOUxaMDZza3lhZktOWVc0blVaUm5LYktjcEtGSWhEVU9jM2NPK2tkZjE0N3kySU10eFlKY0NpaFVJck9rcTgyanU0VGI0R0xyQVZ4WHp1WTQ9In0%3D

Applying Gypsum and Lime Together

A misunderstanding about lime and gypsum is that if you mix them or apply them together they will be antagonistic or “fight” one another.  Another misunderstanding is that gypsum is for high pH soils and lime is for low pH soils.  In actuality, gypsum can be applied and has benefits in both high pH soil […]

Humic Acid vs. Fulvic Acid

The terminology often used with the various organic materials marketed today is confusing to both farmers and crop advisors.  Among these are humates, humic substances, humic acid, fulvic acid, humins and humus. I will only address the differences between humic acid and fulvic acid here in this article.  Humic acids are either chains of carbon […]

What is the Difference Between PRO CAL 40 and Granular Gypsum?

Should there be an efficiency factor for granulized gypsum when compared to PRO CAL 40?  Over the years we have frequently gotten this question.  One reason is when comparing granulized lime and agricultural lime it has been common to use an efficiency factor.  All liming materials are based on an ECCE (Effective Calcium Carbonate Equivalent).  […]

What Difference Does it Make?

What Difference Does it Make? This statement has been made famous by one particular politician, but farmers sometimes ask this question about various aspects of fertility and crop management.  One of the areas that are overlooked is the importance of having soil conditions that provide for good root growth. Out of sight….out of mind is […]