Soil Solutions

Soil Solutions markets two products that enhance soil productivity, PRO CAL 40 and NutraBio. PRO CAL 40 is calcium sulfate (gypsum) derived from the production of lactic acid, a food preservative. It is 99.5% pure calcium sulfate and has a consistency similar to talc making it very reactive in the soil. PRO CAL 40 benefits soils through enhancing soil structure, improving water penetration, increasing nutrient availability, enhancing root growth, raising air/water exchange, reducing ill effects of sodium, magnesium and bicarbonates, providing a plant available form of calcium and sulfur, etc. We have experienced positive yield benefits in alfalfa, corn, forage grasses, potatoes, soybeans and wheat as well as most vegetable crops. Yield increases in alfalfa often exceed 1 ton/acre, corn and wheat yields have been enhanced 10-30 bushels per acre and soybean yields are usually 4-10 bushels better. Economic returns usually exceed $8 for each $1 spent over the life of the product (3 years)

NutraBio is a soil amendment that will increase soil pH, improve phosphorus and sulfur levels of the soil and enhance the soil structure. Quantities are limited therefore it is primarily marketed within 70 miles of Blair, Nebraska.

Our company markets our products through retail dealers, but we also provide full service by arranging loading and delivery to the field as well as application if needed. Pull carts are also available for application in some areas.

Soil Solutions, LLC specializes in making our customer’s soil more productive. Our soil experts have over 110 years working with soils in the Midwest and Plains States and understand the chemistry, physical and biological activity that enhances soil productivity. We also work with our clients to improve plant nutrition and general crop management.