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Soil Solutions, LLC specializes in making our customer’s soil more productive and while our company markets our products through retail dealers, we also provide a full range of services by arranging loading and delivery to the field as well as application services, if needed.  We even have Pull carts available for application in some of our service areas.

Our soil experts have over 110 years working with soils in the Midwest and Plains States and understand the chemistry, physical and biological activity that enhances soil productivity.  This expertise makes us understand our customer’s specific needs!

Besides our many products, Soil Solutions also works with our customers to improve plant nutrition and general crop management.

We are your Midwest Solution…

Our Main Products & Services

Soil Solutions markets two main products that enhance soil productivity, PRO CAL 40 and NutraBio.

PRO CAL 40 is calcium sulfate (gypsum) derived from the production of lactic acid, a food preservative. It is 99.5% pure calcium sulfate and has a consistency similar to talc making it very reactive in the soil. PRO CAL 40 benefits soils through enhancing soil structure, improving water penetration, increasing nutrient availability, enhancing root growth, raising air/water exchange, reducing ill effects of sodium, magnesium and bicarbonates, providing a plant available form of calcium and sulfur, etc.

NutraBio is a soil amendment that will increase soil pH, improve phosphorus and sulfur levels of the soil and enhance the soil structure. Quantities are limited therefore it is primarily marketed within 70 miles of Blair, Nebraska.

We also market a product called NatureGro.

NatureGro is a low molecular weight humic substance (LMWHS) derived from the extraction from humates. Using NatureGro can be beneficial because the fulvic acid molecule is small enough that they can readily enter plant roots, stems or leaves.

While the products listed above are our more popular products, Soil Solutions, LLC markets many additional products and services!

Find out more by browsing or giving us a call to see how we can help you.


Calcium Sulfate in the form of PRO CAL 40 is unique in that it can perform in all three categories of soil treatment. As an amendment, a conditioner, or as a fertilizer.
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Soil Drainage

Soil Solutions offers surface drainage improvements and subsurface drainage improvements to agricultural producers in Western Iowa, Eastern Nebraska, and Southeastern South Dakota.
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NutraBio is a soil amendment that will increase soil pH, improve phosphorus and sulfur levels of the soil and enhance the soil structure. Quanitites are limited.
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Field Application

Soil Solutions owns and operates four spinner type spreader applicators. All four of these spreaders work fine for spreading the PRO CAL 40 directly from PGLA.
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As a foliar application, NatureGro is beneficial because the fulvic acid molecule is small enough that they can readily enter plant roots, stems or leaves carrying the minerals with them.
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The Resource area of our website provides reports and various links for your use to help in determining the effect and the benefits of various applications.
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See what people are saying about us and our products!

“Last winter I had you apply 3 tons per acre on some very high magnesium ground where I live. This spring it was like a completely different farm. It was a little wet when we planted but not bad. The mulch finisher worked it up like a garden and I’ve never had this farm work up so nice in the spring before. The other half of the field where we didn’t apply the product was the same old same old. The stuff works. It handled water well when we had water standing on it. Good stand of corn and we’ll see in the fall how it impacts yield”

Salix, Iowa
Salix, IowaFarmer

“I have used pelletized gypsum in the past on my alkali areas. I saw some benefit, but was never able to put enough on to really change the soil. This year I used PRO CAL 40 at 3 ton/acre. Now I can say that we are changing things. I know now that I was just never getting enough on before. Most farmers don’t apply a high enough rate and then say it doesn’t work. That is like putting 10 lbs. of nitrogen on corn and then saying that nitrogen doesn’t pay. I will be doing some of my ground each year from now on”

Clarks, Nebraska
Clarks, NebraskaFarmer

“I first put PRO CAL 40 (1 ton/acre) on my new stands of alfalfa. I weighed the alfalfa over the scale and I had a 1 ton/acre increase in yield where I applied the PRO CAL 40. This year I decided to do some of my older stands. One field was my poorest yielding field (alfalfa was six years old). This year after I applied PRO CAL 40 it was my second best yielding field and I think I am going to keep it for another year. I now know it works on both new and old stands alike”

Arlington, Nebraska
Arlington, NebraskaFarmer

“I applied 1000 pounds per acre to my grass pastures this year. I can honestly say that this was all I have done different. I graze my dairy cows on this grass. My dairy cow performance has vastly improved. My spring production was about 15#/day higher than in the past and production stayed higher longer into the summer. This summer I am still getting about 20#/day more than I have ever in the past. I have to truck this PRO CAL 40 a long ways, but I will definitely be using more this year”

Mt. Vernon, Missouri
Mt. Vernon, MissouriFarmer

“I don’t understand how it works, but it does. When I do tillage on my ground I can tell to the line where I have applied the PRO CAL 40. The ground has better tilth and it takes less horsepower where I apply the PRO CAL 40. My yields have also reflected this change. I will continue to use this product”

Bern, Kansas
Bern, KansasFarmer

“We put PRO CAL 40 on after we “in line” ripped our fields. Where we ripped the first year we saw soybean yields improve about 3 bushels per acre. Where we put the gypsum plus in line ripped our yields increased over 6 bushels per acre. The following year our corn yields were about 25 bushels better where we had applied the PRO CAL 40″

Woonsocket, South Dakota
Woonsocket, South DakotaFarmer

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